Summer ‘saved’ as pool managers, lifeguards found


By Dennis Morgan


Summer has been saved!

After months of searching for lifeguards and pool managers to operate the Elgin Swimming Pool, the Elgin City Council Monday night hired full and part-time personnel to manage the pool.

Longtime pool manager Sue Vanis will again fill the position. Joining her as assistant pool manager will be Karin Kinney.

Hired as fulltime lifeguards for the season were Abriel VonBonn, Corbin Kinney, Reese Stuhr and Haley Parks.

Part-time lifeguards joining the staff will include Natalie Burenheide, Kayton Zwingman, Kaitey Schumacher, Halle Lueking, Juliana McNally and, in July, Brooke Kinney. To help with the costs of training, lifeguards will receive a $1 per hour pay raise which, if they work enough hours, will cover that expense.

The tentative date for the pool to open will be Monday, May 29 at 1 p.m.

But, before that can happen, repairs to the pool heater must be made. Also, the pool walls need to be cleaned and painted before filling it with water.

Vanis said, after meeting with the lifeguards, pool hours will be announced.