Starting date for 23/24 school year may be pushed back

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In recent years, the start of the school year has been the week after the conclusion of the Antelope County Fair in August. Could that soon be changing?
Meeting last week, the District #18 Board of Education heard from Superintendent Mike Brockhaus about forming the 2023-24 school year.
He presented a preliminary calendar which would encompass 180 school days, the first day for students being on Friday, August 11. And, he said the last day of school would be May 17.
“It’s something to look at,” the superintendent said, noting how nothing has been “set in stone” yet.
Board member Steve Busteed said it seems like the school year begins earlier when compared to past years.
Another board member, Todd Heithoff, said August 11 “seems awful early.”
Attending the meeting, teacher Amy Selting said teachers, from what she has heard, would prefer to start later in August and finish later in May.
Board members Ron Bode and Eric Beckman agreed that they would not be opposed to shaving days off if the school can get the necessary required hours for students.
“I’ve never heard (from anyone) about going too late,” Bode said, “but I’ve heard many say ‘why start so early’?”
Brockhaus said he will take another look at ideas for the school calendar. For the complete story turn to this week’s Elgin Review.