Simmons to speak to EPS/PJCC students

Ricky 1 col
Former Husker and now motivational speaker/drug counselor Ricky Simmons will speak to EPS and PJCC students next week.

Having been here five years ago, former NU great and now counselor/motivational speaker Ricky Simmons will return next week to speak to EPS/PJCC students.

In a program open to the public, Simmons will speak to students at the EPS gymnasium beginning at 10 a.m.

Simmons’ appearance is being made possible by donations from both the Elgin Public and Pope John schools as well as The Bank of Elgin, the Elgin Ko-ed Group (EKG), The Bargain Box, Bar U Farms (Tom, Dave, Jeremy, Macaib & Trent Hoefer) and The Elgin Review newspaper.

Newspaper publisher Dennis Morgan, who organized Simmons’ appearance said, “He has a way of connecting with students and adults alike. He’s a living, breathing example of how one can turn their life around and do good in the world.” Turn to this week’s edition of the Elgin Review to read the full story.