Proceedings-Antelope County Commissioners

Neligh, Nebraska
July 13th, 2021
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s Office and are open to the public.
Chairman opened meeting. Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
Approved agenda. Review payroll and vendor claims.
Minutes of 07-06-2021 BOC meeting were tabled.
Approved Payroll. Pledge Collateral was reviewed. Correspondence was reviewed.
Zoning administrator – training is going well. Planning and Zoning meeting was held. Working on a couple of permits.
Approved vendor claims:
General: AFLAC, ins 1,124.30; AMERITAS LIFE INS CORP, ret 14,380.44; ANTELOPE CO COURT, ex 68.00; APPEARA, ex 32.10; APPLIED CONNECTIVE TECH, ex 4,945.74; BARCO MUNICIPAL PRODS, ex 656.45; BEAR GRAPHICS, ex 359.10; PAMELA BERGSTROM, ex 15.99; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, ut 174.52; BCBS, ins 59,358.58; BOMGAARS, ex 78.40; BOYD CO SHERIFF’S DEPT, ex 751.11; BOYD’S NETWORK SOL, ex 105.00; MARCY BROWN, ex 66.80; DEAN BROWN, ps 25.00; BUFFALO CO COURT, ex 1.50; CARNEY LAW, ex 4,319.12; CASEYS, ex 406.18; CITY OF NELIGH, ut 1,896.28; CLEARFLY COMMS, ut 153.63; COLDTYPE PUBLISHING, ex 225.66; JUDITH COLE, ps 10.00; CONSOLIDATED MNGMNT CO, ex 61.68; CUBBYS, ex 1,547.39; DAS STATE ACCT, ex 562.68; DOLLAR GENERAL, ex 42.85; DUSTYS, ex 414.38; EAKES OFFICE SOL, ex 9.32; JAMES EGLEY, ex 66.80; ELGIN ONE STOP, ex 417.60; ELGIN REVIEW, ex 452.41; ELITE OFFICE PRODS, ex 579.19; FEDERAL WITHHOLDING, tax 8,614.00; FIRST CONCORD BENEFITS, ins 1,020.82; GREAT PLAINS COMM, ut 409.81; TESSA HAIN, ex 4.00; DARRELL HAMILTON, ps 11.00; HEARTLAND FIRE PROTECTION, ex 281.72; NADENE HUGHES, ps 14.00; JACKS UNIFORMS/EQUIP, ex 223.18; JONNY DODGE, ex 229.13; LIBERTY NATIONAL, ins 91.20; MADISON CO DIST COURT, ex 100.00; MADISON CO SHERIFF, ex 45.08; MADISON NATIONAL LIFE, ins 100.58; MENARDS, ex 114.22; MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS, ex 122.00; MID AMERICA FIRST CALL, ex 200.00; MIPS, ex 2,165.15; NACO, ex 150.00; NE UC FUND, ins 482.76; NE DEPT OF REV, state tax 3,999.72; NELIGH AUTO/MACHINE, ex 169.00; VSP-NACO VISION, ins 531.90; O’NEILL PEST CONTROL, ex 90.00; VALORIE OLSON, ex 66.80; WILLIAM OUREN, ex 150.00; PHYSICIANS LAB, ex 2,225.00; PINNACLE BANK, ex 65.12; PITZER DIGITAL, ex 193.37; PLAINVIEW NEWS, ex 120.00; REGION IV, ex 2,808.00; JANICE RIDDER, ps 10.00; CAROLINE SIEMS, ps 25.00; WEX BANK, ex 92.26; SNIDER MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME, ex 980.00; SOC SEC 20,070.06; RYAN STOVER, ex 91.80; UNIV OF NE-LINCOLN, ut 44.98; US CELL, ut 1,090.74; VERIZON WIRELESS, ut 86.64; WASHINGTON NATIONAL INS CO, ins 349.12; BONITA WELKE, ps 22.00; A-1 FLAGS POLES/REPAIR, ex 2,029.00; Payroll 103,308.03
Road/Bridge: AKRS, ex 524.25; AFLAC, ins 276.97; AMERITAS LIFE INS CORP, ins 13,312.17; B’S ENTERPRISES, ex 12,939.00; BECKMAN LUMBER, ex 61.18; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, ut 17.96; BCBS, ins 39,798.18; BOMGAARS, ex 1,273.64; STEVEN BRIGHT, ex 145.00; CARHART LUMBER, ex 108.69; CARQUEST, ex 351.55; CASEYS, ex 185.03; CITY OF ELGIN, ut 56.25; CITY OF TILDEN, ut 69.95; COLONIAL LIFE/ACCIDENT INS, ins 18.00; CORNHUSKER INTL TRUCK, ex 502.69; CREDIT BUREAU SVCS, garn 296.19; CREDIT BUREAU SVCS-MADISON CO COURT, garn 648.19; CREDIT MNGMNT SVCS, garn 446.88; CUBBYS, ex 1,138.50; D/M MACHINERY, ex 84.53; DINKEL IMPL CO, ex 1,976.00; DUSTYS, ex 146.80; ELGIN ONE STOP, ex 122.87; ERPPD, ut 414.86; EMME SAND/GRAVEL, ex 27,520.38; FARMERS PRIDE, ex 24,241.29; FEDERAL WITHHOLDING, tax 8,976.20; FIRST CONCORD BENEFITS, ins 545.83; FRONTIER COMM, ut 251.76; GREAT PLAINS COMM, ut 423.99; ISLAND SUPPLY WELDING CO, ex 3,354.49; JEBRO, ex 320.00; JEO CONSULTING GROUP, ex 8,338.75; DUANE JONES, ex 359.50; JONNY DODGE, ex 312.25; KAYTON INTL, ex 121.75; KIMBALL-MIDWEST, ex 81.92; LAWSON PRODS, ex 388.89; LAZY T TIRE/IMP, ex 525.32; LIBERTY NATIONAL, ins 318.68; LICHTENBERG TIRE SVC, ex 913.73; MADISON NATIONAL LIFE, ins 84.71; MATTEO SAND/GRAVEL, ex 3,040.26; MITTEIS GRAVEL, ex 22,596.64; MR S’S, ex 842.67; MURPHY TRACTOR/EQUIP, ex 2,811.75; NE DEPT OF REV, tax 4,179.45; NE DEPT OF REV-FUEL, ex 4,628.00; NELIGH AUTO/MACHINE, ex 87.78; NETCOM, ex 2,914.00; VSP-NACO VISION, ins 367.74; NMC EXCHANGE, ex 594.35; NCPPD, ex 166.16; NNTC, ut 75.69; ORCHARD LUMBER, ex 8.86; PAHL CONSTRUCTION, ex 14,985.00; POLLOCK REDI MIX, ex 674.35; PRECISION GLASS, ex 305.90; QUICK SERVE OIL, ex 552.70; RAZOR TRACKING, ex 925.00; RDO TRUCK CENTER, ex 182.76; ROYAL ONE STOP, ex 64.20; RYAN’S TRUCK/TRACTOR, ex 2,687.36; SAPP BRO PETRO, ex 4,569.11; SINCLAIR-WEX BANK, ex 749.98; SOC SEC 18,904.48; SPENCER QUARRIES, ex 2,366.18; T&M ELECTRIC, ex 75.00; TOWN/COUNTRY HARDWARE, ex 134.19; VERIZON WIRELESS, ex 200.93; VILLAGE OF BRUNSWICK, ut 53.50; VILLAGE OF CLEARWATER, ut 66.50; VILLAGE OF ORCHARD, ut 104.94; WASHINGTON NATIONAL INS CO, ins 302.80; NPPD, ut 141.77; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, ut 41.01; C&R SUPPLY, ex 610.90; MATTEO SAND/GRAVEL, ex 1,672.84; QUALITIY IRON/METAL, ex 14.75; ROAD BUILDERS MACHINERY/SUPPLY, ex 11,869.73; THE WRAYS, ex 45,000.00; Payroll 94,023.67
County Visitors Promotion: CLEARWATER CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, ex 350.00; ORCHARD COMMUNITY CLUB, ex 340.00;
County Visitor Improvement: CLEARWATER CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, ex 1,750.00;
Register of Deeds: MIPS, ex 334.80;
Disaster 2019 Flood: BYGLAND DIRT CONTRACTING, ex 64,222.49; JEO CONSULTING GROUP, ex 4,065.00;
Law Enforcement Center: ANTELOPE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, ex 467.00; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, ex 1,084.15; DEAN’S MARKET, ex 336.15; DOLLAR GENERAL, ex 31.60; HILAND DAIRY, ex 338.64; JESSICA SHAVER, ex 40.00; THRIFTWAY MARKET, ex 134.68; BOB BARKER CO, ex 140.10;
Commissary: CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, ex 436.79; CORNHUSKER STATE IND, ex 1,170.00; PINNACLE BANK, ex 207.71; THRIFTWAY MARKET, ex 157.61
Highway Bond: JEBRO, ex 41,401.11.
Met with representatives from Community Action Partnership.
Approved promotional grant for Orchard Fun Days.
Approved Special Designated Liquor License – Elgin Chamber of Commerce.
Approved Township Claim.
Accepted Annex Roof Repair bid from Guaranteed Roofing.
Met with Gworks representative. No action.
Road Superintendent Report: follow-up discussion. No action.
Approved 516th ‘old’ R-O-W resolution. Meeting Adjourned. Antelope County Board of Commissioners
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: July 21, 2021