Proceedings-Antelope County Board of Commissioners

Neligh, Nebraska
June 8th, 2021
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s Office and are open to the public.
Chairman opened meeting. Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
Executive Session x 2. No action taken
Approved agenda. Review payroll and vendor claims. Antelope County Library Association annual updates were presented. Discussion on Clearwater School Property access. Approved access insuring Antelope County does not decrease total property.
Approved minutes of 06-01-2021 BOC meeting.
Approved Payroll. Pledge Collateral was reviewed. Correspondence was reviewed. Monthly reports for Sheriff, Treasurer (2), Clerk of District Court.
Zoning administrator – no report. Approved hiring Zoning Administrator at $20.00/hour.
Approved Township Claims.
Road Superintendent Report: Approved one (1) access permit, approved three (3) oversize loads, and tabled underground permits.
Opened bids for detach trailer. Discussion of purchase through auction. No action.
Approved interlocal bridge agreement with Knox County.
No action on budget function transfers. Approved install and construction of safety barriers for the courthouse offices.
Met with architect regarding old courthouse roof and structure.
Denied paying Newman Signs claim
Approved vendor claims:
General: AFLAC, ins 779.88; AMERITAS LIFE INS, ins 14,329.38; ANTELOPE CO CLERK, ex 21.25; ANTELOPE CO COURT, ex 175.00; ANTELOPE CO TREAS, ex 400,000.00; APPEARA, ex 32.10; APPLIED CONN TECH, ex 330.00; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, ut 508.41; BCBS, ins 61,347.72; BOMGAARS, ex $280.66; DEAN BROWN, ps 25.00; SHERYL CASAS, ex 50.00; CASEYS, ex 465.66; CASH-WA DISTR, ex 1,366.80; CENTEC, ex 637.51; CITY OF NELIGH, ut 3,351.27; CITY OF NELIGH-RECY, ut 266.00; CLEARFLY COMM, ut 154.17; COLDTYPE PUBL, ex 302.24; JUDITH COLE, ps 10.00; CORNHUSKER STATE IND, ex 553.00; CUBBYS, ex 1,550.76; DAS STATE ACCT, ex 562.68; DELL MARKETING, ex 136.94; DIST COURT MAY 2021, ex 4,669.28; DOERR & KLEIN, ex 1,040.86; EAKES OFFICE SOL, ex 467.96; ELGIN ONE STOP, ex 329.21; ELGIN REVIEW, ex 232.22; ELITE OFFICE PRODS, ex 8,039.50; FEDERAL WITHHOLDING, fed tax 8,947.13; FIRST CONCORD BENEFITS, ins 1,154.16; GREAT PLAINS COMMS, ut 405.35; DARRELL HAMILTON, ps 11.00; NADENE HUGHES, ps 14.00; JACK’S UNIFORMS/EQUIP, ex 2,402.18; JONNY DODGE, ex 1,134.74; LIBERTY NATIONAL, ins 91.20; LICHTENBERG TIRE, ex 1,504.59; LOFFLER CO, ex 545.49; MADISON CO SHERIFF, ex 18.50; MADISON NATIONAL LIFE, ins 104.83; MENARDS, ex 664.93; MICROFILM IMAGING, ex 122.00; MIPS, ex 2,847.87; MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, ex 8,673.75; NACEB, ex 100.00; NACO, ex 85.00; NE ASSN OF CO OFFICIALS, ex 65.00; NE DEPT OF REV, state tax 4,103.43; NE HEALTH/HUMAN SVCS, ex 366.00; NE LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAIN CENT, ex 120.00; THOMAS NELSON, ex 35.05; NETCOM, ex 788.00; NIRMA, ex 86,307.00; NACO VISION, ins 489.21; NORFOLK AREA SHOPPER, ex 244.56; NORTHEAST NE HEATING/COOLING, ex 427.00; O’NEILL SHOPPER, ex 176.48; OFFICE DEPOT, ex 2,401.29; LISA PAYNE, ex 12.99; PETTY CASH (CO CLERK), ex 51.00; PHYSICIANS LAB, ex 4,100.00; PINNACLE BANK, ex 1,100.83; PITNEY BOWES-METER PMT, ex 864.18; PITNEY BOWES, ex 246.49; PITZER DIGITAL, ex 258.38; PLAINVIEW NEWS, ex 60.00; PRECISION REPAIR, ex 57.49; PROTEX CENTRAL, ex 162.50; QUALITY INN, ex 182.00; QUILL CORP, ex 250.68; RAMADA INN, ex 69.00; JANICE RIDDER, ps 10.00; BILL KACZOR, ex 446.20; SANNE REPAIR, ex 300.00; DEVON SCHINDLER, ex 140.00; SCHROEDER LAND SURVEYING, ex 750.00; CAROLINE SIEMS, ps 25.00; WEX BANK, ex 49.73; SOCIAL SECURITY 19,964.98; STEALTH BROADBAND, ut 1,134.04; THRIFTWAY MARKET, ex 249.04; THE TILDEN CITIZEN, ex 68.00; ULINE SHIPPING, ex 889.79; UNIV OF NE-LINCOLN, ut 45.06; UNL EASTERN NE RESEARCH/EXT, ex 34.99; WASHINGTON NATIONAL, ins 349.12; BONITA WELKE, ps 22.00; XTRA PRODS, ex 1,100.00;
Road/Bridge: AKRS, ex 521.02; AFLAC, ins 181.87; AMERITAS LIFE INS CORP, ins 11,899.01; AMH, ex 126.00; AUTOMATED DAIRY, ex 40.00; B’S ENTERPRISES, ex 47,086.50; BANK OF ELGIN, ex 27,853.76; BECKMAN LUMBER, ex 1,500.00; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, ut 511.72; BCBS, ins 36,147.62; BOMGAARS, ex 687.95; CARQUEST, ex 795.11; CASEYS, ex 109.16; CITY OF NELIGH-RECY, ut 10.00; CITY OF TILDEN, ut 68.53; COLONIAL LIFE/ ACCIDENT INS, ins 18.00; CREDIT BUREAU SVCS, garn 920.10; CREDIT MNGMNT SVCS, garn 435.02; CUBBYS, ex 747.72; DEAN’S MARKET, ex 15.77; DUSTYS, ex 143.46; ELGIN ONE STOP, ex 75.99; ERPPD, ut 443.83; EMME SAND/GRAVEL, ex 27,270.45; FARMERS PRIDE, ex 21,142.75; FEDERAL WITHHOLDING, fed tax 7,667.93; FIRST CONCORD BENEFITS, ins 429.16; MATT FRIEND TRUCK EQUIP, ex 460.58; FRONTIER COMM, ut 166.89; GRAHAM TIRE, ex 770.60; GREAT PLAINS COMMS, ut 253.35; CREDIT MNGMNT SVCS, garn 335.18; ISLAND SUPPLY WELDING CO, ex 228.16; JOEL SINCLAIR, ex 299,444.79; JEO CONSULTING GROUP, ex 11,938.75; JONNY DODGE, ex 1,992.45; KAYTON INTNL, ex 155.48; KELLY SUPPLY, ex 21.31; LAWSON PRODS, ex 701.69; LAZY T, ex 369.28; LIBERTY NATIONAL, ins 318.68; LICHTENBERG TIRE, ex 2,791.78; MADISON NATIONAL LIFE, ins 76.31; MAIN STREET REPAIR, ex 35.75; MATTEO SAND/GRAVEL, ex 5,462.38; MEDICAL ENTERPRISES, ex 245.00; MITTEIS GRAVEL, ex 16,153.74; MURPHY TRACTOR/EQUIP, ex 882.90; NE DEPT OF REV, state tax 3,551.98; NPPD, ut 182.45; NELIGH AUTO/MACHINE, ex 460.18; NIRMA, ex 83,812.00; NACO VISION, ins 326.46; NMC EXCHANGE, ex 681.98; NCPPD, ut 169.74; NNTC, ut 75.40; LISA PAYNE, ex 1,732.06; POLLOCK REDI MIX, ex 796.74; RAZOR TRACKING, ex 1,550.50; ROAD BUILDERS, ex 20,130.12; ROSE EQUIP, ex 962.90; ROYAL ONE STOP, ex 51.00; RUTJENS CONSTRUCTION, ex 983.00; SAPP BROTHER PETRO, ex 4,334.43; SCHLECHT TRUCKING, ex 7,170.30; SHUR-CO, ex 298.09; WEX BANK, ex 518.27; SOCIAL SECURITY 16,769.46; SPENCER QUARRIES, ex 6,070.86; STEALTH BROADBAND, ut 191.50; SWITZER WELDING, ex 240.00; TRUCK CENTER, ex 62.58; VERIZON WIRELESS, ut 200.93; VILLAGE OF CLEARWATER, ut 64.50; VILLAGE OF ORCHARD, ut 104.94; WASHINGTON NATIONAL, ins 302.80; QUICK SERVE, ex 117.64;
County Visitors Promotion Fund: NELIGH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, ex 350.00;
County Visitors Improvement Fund: ELGIN BARGAIN BOX, ex 1,750.00;
Reappraisal: ELITE OFFICE PRODS, ex 415.92;
Register of Deeds: MIPS, ex 328.89;
Disaster 2019 Flood: JEO CONSULTING GROUP, ex 2,437.50;
Law Enforcement Center: CASH-WA DISTR, ex 2,311.27; CONTROL MASTERS, ex 54,702.00; CULLIGAN, ex 82.25; DEAN’S MARKET, ex 528.00; HILAND DAIRY, ex 411.30; IDEMIA, ex 4,911.00; MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, ex 85,000.00; NELIGH FAMILY DENITSTRY, ex 435.00; JESSICA SHAVER, ex 48.00; THRIFTWAY MARKET, ex 119.71; WANEK PHARMACY, ex 55.38;
Commissary: BLACKBURN MFG, ex 11.50; BOB BARKER CO, ex 1,440.92; CASH-WA DISTR, ex 216.00; COMBINED PUBLIC COMMS, ex 1,875.00; CORNHUSKER STATE INDUSTRIES, ex 5,592.00; DOLLAR GENERAL, ex 140.65; KEEFE SUPPLY, ex 1,153.92; NE POPCORN SALES, ex 34.00; PINNACLE BANK, ex 339.32; PITZER DIGITAL, ex 35.00; ULINE SHIPPING, ex 1,852.00.
Meeting Adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Commissioners
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: June 16, 2021