Political rally gives something to do

Looking for "something to do" turned into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a group of Elgin (and one Osmond) high school boys when they traveled to Sioux City, IA to attend a Trump rally. Pictured, l-r: Kayson Maertins, Myles Kittelson, Nick Anderson, American entrepreneur Mike Lindell, Dylon Lueking and Blake Henn. Courtesy photo.

What began as wishful thinking turned into something more than they could have ever imagined for this group of young gentlemen.

While in between athletic seasons, friends Nick Anderson, Myles Kittelson, Dylon Lueking, and Blake Henn had been looking for something fun to do to fill a little downtime. While this past Wednesday, Blake headed to State Volleyball with his family to watch his girlfriend compete, the rest scrolled through the internet to search for area happenings.

Their interest was sparked when they saw a Trump Rally being held in Sioux City, Iowa the following day. Acting on impulse, Myles Kittelson contacted his mom to see if she would allow him to go. Casee, Myles’ mother, was also in Lincoln watching volleyball and told him he could go but would need to find a parent willing to chaperone them.

On Thursday morning, the day of the rally, Nick Anderson got confirmation from his father, Larry, that he was willing to make the trip. Excited, each boy contacted their parents. Blake then made arrangements to head home from Lincoln with his girlfriend’s family to join the others. To read the full story, turn to this week’s Elgin Review.