Notice of Election- Antelope County

I, Lisa Payne, Antelope County Clerk/Election Commissioner, hereby give notice of the offices to be filled by election that will appear on the 2020 Primary Election Ballot to be held May 12, 2020, in Antelope County, Nebraska, as per State Statute 32-601. Notice is also given that the filing deadline for such offices are: February 18th, 2020 for incumbents and March 2nd, 2020 for non-incumbents. An incumbent is anyone serving in an elective office, even if they are filing for an office other than the one in which they are presently serving, these individuals are required to file by February 18th, 2020.
Name of offices for the Primary Election (Vote for One unless otherwise indicated): PARTISAN OFFICES: PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES – For President of the United States – 4-year term, SENATORIAL OFFICE – For United States Senator – 6-year term. CONGRESSIONAL OFFICE – For Representative in Congress – District 3 – 2-year term. OTHER STATE OFFICES – NONPARTISAN – For Member of the Legislature – District 41 – 4-year term. Northeast Community College for Board of Governors-District 1 – 4-year term; Northeast Community College At Large for Board of Governors-At Large – 4-year term; Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District for Board of Directors – Sub-district 1, 4-year term. Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District for Board of Directors – Sub-district 5, 6 and 7 – 4-year term.
COUNTY PARTISAN OFFICES – For County Commissioner Districts 2 and 4 – 4-year. NONPARTISAN OFFICES – Antelope County Airport Authority Board Member – 6-year term (Vote for up to Two); Antelope County Weed Authority Board Member – 4-year term (Vote for up to Three). CITY OFFICES – 4 Year Term – City of Neligh – Council Members At Large (Vote for up to Two); City of Tilden – 4 year term – Council Members At Large (Vote for up to Three); City of Elgin – 4 year term –Council Members – Ward 1 (Vote for One), Ward 2 (Vote for One); ANTELOPE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTS FOR BOARD MEMBER (Class III) (Vote for up to Three unless otherwise indicated) Neligh/Oakdale Public School District 9- 4 year term; Elgin Public School District 18 – 4 year term; OTHER SCHOOL DISTRICTS WITHIN ANTELOPE COUNTY (Class III) (Vote for up to Three unless otherwise indicated) Boone Central Schools District 1 – 4 year term; Plainview Public School District 5 – 4 year term; Creighton Public School District 13 – 4 year term; Elkhorn Valley Public School District 80 – 4 year term;
Notice is also given that the 2020 General Election will be held on November 3rd, 2020 and the 2020 General Election filing deadlines are: July 15, 2020 for incumbents and August 3, 2020 for non-incumbents. Notice of that election will be published in June 2020.
Contact the Antelope County Clerk’s office at 402-887-4410 if you have questions.
Dated this 27th day of January, 2020.
Antelope County Clerk/Election Commissioner
PUBLISH: January 29, 2020