Mrs. Claus keeps putting sparkle in children’s eyes

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Making children's eyes sparkle helps Mrs. Santa Clause (Pauline Marker) relive her childhood. 2021 photo

While parents anticipate ear-to-ear smiles and the perfect photo shoot with Jolly Old Saint Nick, sometimes the little ones melt down with tears or respond with thrashing rebellion. Such is not the case when Mrs. Claus graces the room.
Known otherwise as Pauline Marker, Bartlett, Mrs. Claus’ gentle and soft-spoken characteristics get rewarded with giggles and hugs, lots of hugs. Such was the case last Saturday when she donned her beloved, floor-length, white lace-trimmed red dress at the Elgin Public Library. A white apron with matching lace completes the outfit and the grey hair, well, that’s all natural.
When Marker walks into a room, whether dressed as Mrs. Claus or not, she exudes Christmas kindness. “Sometimes little kids have a fear of Santa Claus,” she said. “They are not afraid of me. I guess I’m a comfy grandma.” For the complete story turn to this week’s edition of the Elgin Review.