City Limits retools business to add Nebraska products

By: Jane Schuchardt

Editor’s Note: This continues a series of monthly articles celebrating pride in our town and its surroundings shown through the experience of residents, businesses, and organizations. 

It’s an Elgin storefront with a history dating back to the early 1900s known as The City Limits since 2008. That name isn’t about to change, though the Dianne/Janet team are looking for just the right descriptor of the store’s contents for a new sign out front. 

Made in Nebraska. Farm to Table. Buy Local, Buy Nebraska. “Something generic that will last a long, long time,” property owner Janet Koinzan, flanked by friend Dianne Salber, said as they leaned against the check-out counter at the store on the south end of what’s considered main street Elgin. 

The retool from a beer/wine/liquor/tobacco outlet happened early this year when Salber, who’s worked the place since November 1, 1990, had to stand down a few months with a health issue. “That Dianne, she’s an amazing lady,” said Koinzan with fondness, so together they decided to offer Elgin another shopping option, the concept she claims keeps small towns thriving.