Cake signals “last” meeting for city clerk

A career that has spanned more than 30 years, it all came down to cake last week for Elgin City Clerk Vicki Miller.
September 3rd marked the last regular meeting for Miller as she will be retiring at the end of the month, turning the “keys” to the city over to Deputy Clerk Kristin Childers who will become the new city clerk.
Thursday night was about cake. At the conclusion of the regular meeting, Miller stepped into the kitchen area and returned with a decorated cake. Written on top of it were three simple words, “The Last One.”
As utensils divided the cake, Miller shared with those in the room AND The Elgin Review some interesting numbers, numbers which shape a career of public service. Among them were:
One — Her first meeting was March 5, 1984.
Three — The number of mayors she has worked for.
Sixteen — The number of different persons serving on the city council.
Four hundred thirty eight — The number of meetings she has participated in as city clerk.
In retirement she won’t be far away from City Hall as her husband Duane Miller will continue on as a member of the city council.