America’s veterans continue to serve a cause greater than themselves

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Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Clyde Stuhr gave the Veterans Day Address Friday morning at Elgin Public School gymnasium. The annual event was well-attended.

Just as they had when the country called to serve, Elgin’s veterans proudly marched again Friday morning as part of the Veterans Day service held at Elgin Public School.

Though their numbers may be dwindling, the pride and patriotism for being an American is as strong as ever. That was evident on their faces as well as on those who attended the 11 a.m. program.

Guest speaker this year was Clyde Stuhr of Petersburg. Now retired from active duty, the lieutenant colonel spoke about the meaning of the day for veterans and civilians alike.

“We observe this holiday to remember the sacrifices and valor of those who have served this great country in military uniform,” he said. “Many of our baby boomers served their country by way of the draft to ensure our freedom during peacetime and the Cold War era. They answered the call and stood ready every bit as potent as those of us who later served in combat operations, peace-keeping, humanitarian missions or whatever else we classify the way we engage our military forces around the globe. Today, let’s just try to include and honor all people who served in uniform, either voluntarily or drafted, during combat, peacetime or any of the gray area between.”

For more on Elgin’s Veterans Day service, see this week’s Elgin Review.

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