After eight years, PJCC teachers Scott & Rachel Becker say goodbye

By Jessie Reestman
Staff writer
With the 2019-2020 school year officially winding down, students, faculty, friends and family prepare to say goodbye to the class of 2020. Pope John friends, family, faculty and students must also prepare to say goodbye to their valued elementary teacher and their very talented music instructor, Scott and Rachel Becker.
Scott and Rachel have been educating students at Pope John for the past eight years and found Elgin to be a wonderful community with so many great people.
In Rachel’s words, “I’ve been so impressed with the work of those who plan activities to bring the town together, as well as the way that people show up to support each other through the good and bad. It’s really difficult to wrap up the past eight years of teaching at St. Boniface and Pope John in just a few words. I will dearly miss Mrs. Getzfred and the faculty and staff here who have inspired me with their excellence, their friendship, and their faith. I feel as though I am leaving a little bit of my family behind in this community of teachers. I have so enjoyed watching the students develop a love for music and grow in their skills and abilities.
“I feel honored that I was able to be a part of their journeys! Being a graduate of Pope John, I am so glad that I got to come back and be a part of this community for a few more years.”
PJCC/St. Boniface Principal Betty Getzfred felt the couple has been a great asset the school.
“Rachel continued to build on the strong vocal program that was established at our schools. She also started our instrumental program. Scott was a dedicated elementary teacher and helped with the coop sports program.”
Mrs. Getzfred learned over Christmas break that the couple would be leaving and knowing how difficult it can be to find a music teacher, she had in the back of her mind a candidate that she prayed would be interested in the position.
“Mr. Koeppe, our history teacher, and coach, his wife is a music teacher. She played piano for our district music contest. She has a wonderful personality and so I approached her with the idea. Our schools our blessed as she will be teaching PK-12 vocal music and instrumental band. She will also be directing the spring musical.”
Later on, Mrs. Getzfred shared her good fortune in finding Scott’s replacement.
“Mrs. Taylor Borer filled a long-term sub position for St. Boniface last year. She is an excellent teacher. I was hoping to have her on staff this year, but financially it just wasn’t going to work out. Mrs. Borer took a position at Boone Central, where she had student taught.
“I called her early in January and inquired if she would be interested in the fifth grade position. Once again, my prayers were answered. I am excited to have Mrs. Borer and Mrs. Koeppe part of the Pope John XXIII/ St. Boniface Community.”