Joe Reestman and Borer Family talk heart

Joe Reestman Larry Borer Elgin, Nebraska Antelope County, Nebraska
Elgin's Joe Reestman works out at his home when weather doesn't allow the drive to AMH for his cardiac rehab. The Elgin Review

Joe Reestman of rural Elgin continues with his rehabilitation both at home and at Antelope Memorial Hospital (AMH).  Also on this page, the men of the Larry Borer family discuss how the legacy of heart problems has affected their lifestyle. Plus, don’t forget your pet!  View there stories here or the entire section by clicking here:

Elgin, Nebraska Antelope County, Nebraska
Heart Month section: Joe Reestman lives for the game!; Larry Borer and sons Keith and Danny talk about heart health in the family; pets needs extra care too! The Elgin Review