Help for prescription drug plans available in Elgin

If you are on Medicare, it’s time to be thinking about your prescription drug plan for the upcoming year.
The Homestead Service Coordinator’s (HSC) office will be offering Medicare Prescription Drug Plan counseling and enrollment. The Assistance is available courtesy of funding from the Elgin Bargain Box , individual donations and the in-kind use of office space and The Homestead.
Open enrollment runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, and senior citizens are strongly encouraged to check their drug plans during this time. The plans premiums, deductibles and copays can change each year and cost differences may be significant.
Seniors should have recently received their Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) from their drug plans. It is very important that they read and understand the changes being made to their plans. Counseling is free, confidential and unbiased.
If you would like information about Patient Assistance programs and Low Income Subsidy applications, be sure to contact the office and/or ask your questions while visiting about your prescription drug plan.
Appointments can be made by calling Connie Dvorak at (402)843-2389 or (402)843-8769. Appointments are available in-person and by telephone if you prefer.