Eight seconds can be a very long time

Garrett Wickett Bull A Rama interview The Elgin Review Elgin Nebraska Antelope County
Bull Rider Garrett Wickett

In just a few days, the Elgin Ko-ed Group will once again host the EKG Bullarama. This will be the tenth year for the event, and like each year prior, Bullarama week is a very busy time for the small group. Months of planning and preparation become real as the reality that the annual event’s success greatly determines the group’s future contributions to the community.

Part of that success depends on the performance of the riders themselves. One rider who has contributed heavily to the event over the years is the three-time EKG Bullarama Champion, Garrett Wickett.

The twenty-five-year-old, 5’6, 130 lb bull rider, hailing from Battle Creek, graciously took the time to share a little of his experience in the sport. When I spoke with Garrett, he was on a fishing trip in Valentine enjoying some downtime as he is currently unable to compete due to a groin injury. It didn’t take long for Garrett to display his resilience as he determinedly answered my questions while traveling in and out of service areas.

He began, “I was young when I first began getting on calves, but  I didn’t start riding bulls until 2012, right at the end of my freshman year of high school. My love for bull riding began before I reached kindergarten when I was just a little bitty thing. My dad rode professionally for about 12 years. All I have ever wanted to do my entire life is ride bulls professionally.”

Etched in his memory forever, Garrett easily recalled his first eight-second ride. “The first bull I ever rode was Labor Day, 2014, in Grand Island at the High School Rodeo.” He admits a lot has changed since that first ride. “Nowadays, I try to focus jump for jump,  but I really try and keep my mind blank. I try not to think about anything. I am to that point in my career, have been for a while, where as soon as I get down in that bucking shoot, it is all a routine for me. Pretty soon, I am nodding my head, and away we go.” Turn to this week’s “Elgin Review” to read the complete story.