Wolfpack Junior High volleyball team picks up more wins

The EPPJ junior high volleyball team picked up a couple more wins on the road vs. Neligh Oakdale.
In the C game, they split with the host team: 17-25, 25-15.
Darby Carstens led from the serving line with 6 aces. Jaidyn Schrad served up 3 and Jovie Vaisvilas, 2. Sonni Suhr and Reese Stuhr each contributed 1 ace serve in the effort.
On serve receive, Suhr had two passes to the setter. Vaisvilas, Stuhr and Carstens each added 1.
Schrad put up 1 set assist, while Stuhr led the net play with 5 kills. Tessa Barlow added 1.
Defensively, Suhr and Schrad each picked up 5 digs. Stuhr got a hand on 2, and Vaisvilas and Quinn Hoefer each contributed 1.
In the B game, the Pack was victorious in straight sets: 25-10, 25-11.
Halle Lueking led the servers with 5 aces. Camry Kittelson and Haley Parks were close behind with 4 a piece. Jayda Chessmore served up 3, and Kayton Zwingman, 1.
From serve receive, Parks passed up 4, and Chessmore, 2. Barlow, Lueking and Zwingman each passed 1 to the target.
Zwingman led the setters with 6 assists, while Kittelson put up 4. Parks added 1 as well.
Lueking led the attackers with 6 kills, and Parks chipped in with 4. Kittelson and Chessmore each put down 1 kill.
On the defense, Barlow got a hand on 5 digs, while Parks picked up 3. Zwingman added 2. Kittelson, Lueking and Cheesmore each contributed 1.
In the A game, the Pack defeated the Warriors in two sets: 25-9, 25-19.
Strong serving was a key to the game. Chloe Henn dropped in 5 aces, while Sara Bode and Kate Furstenau each chipped in with 2. Callie Heithoff served up 1 ace in the effort.
Offensively, Eliza Borer provided 3 good passes from serve receive, while Furstenau added 2. Bode, Heithoff, Juliana McNally, Natalie Burenheide and Olivia Klein each passed 1 to target.
Heithoff dished out 12 set assists, and Furstenau added 2.
At the net, Henn terminated 10 balls for kills. Bode, Furstenau, and Schumacher each put down 2. Heithoff, Burenheide and Borer got in on the action with 1 a piece.
Furstenau protected the floor with 8 digs, while Bode hustled to pick up 3. Henn and Schumacher each got a hand on 2.
The coaches feel the teams are making some huge strides.
“On the bench, we commented several times that everyone is making improvements. It’s fun to think about where all of these players were when they came in back in August compared to now. That being said, we are still striving to get better in a number of areas.”