Wanted: Bus driver at EPS

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If one were to see a ‘help wanted’ sign by the School District #18, it wouldn’t be an illusion.

Superintendent Mike Brockhaus told the school board last week the search continues for a full-time bus driver.

With the start of the 2022-2023 school year less than a month away, he said the search continues for a full-time bus driver to transport students to and from school.

He said two individuals have been hired to drive buses on a part-time basis. Brockhaus said Teresa Schindler will be driving the mini-bus for pre-school routes while Duane Miller has agreed to serve as a part-time bus driver.

For anyone interested in being a full-time bus driver, the school provides full insurance coverage.

Brockhaus said he has begun to look at what is available for a new yellow activity bus. He said it could be as many as six months from the time the school board would approve a purchase until when the bus would be delivered. For the complete story turn to the Elgin Review.