“The Art of the Meal”

“Popcorn, get your popcorn.” These words have been heard over and over by anyone who has attended a ball game. However, this year the question as to whether you would be able actually to get your popcorn was front and center on the minds of local school’s concession managers, Emily Borer and Sue Vanis.
As sports parents, players, and fans waited nervously for the decision to come down from the NSAA about the upcoming sports season, two hard-working ladies in our community also waited anxiously for approval of the return of sports. Emily Borer, concession manager at Pope John, and Sue Vanis, concession sponsor at Elgin High, have been overseeing the operations of our school concessions for years, but have never been faced with such uncertainty. Emily shared, “ I didn’t order a single item for the concession stand until three days before the first game because I just didn’t know.” To read the full story turn to this weeks edition of the Elgin Review.