Tentative June dates announced for Vetch Days


It’s early March and, in the weather forecast, there’s a chance for snow this week in Antelope County.

Despite Winter holding on, there’s no reason not to think about better times ahead this summer — warm weather and Elgin’s longest annual celebration — Vetch Days.

The Elgin Community Club/Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors met last week to tie up some loose ends regarding the annual summer celebration.

The board set the tentative date for the event. Vetch Days 2023 is being planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 2-4.

The last road block in formally setting the dates for the celebration is receiving a signed contract for a carnival to be part of the celebration. The board appears ready to sign a contract and are now waiting for the carnival company to do their part to lock in the dates.

According to information provided to the newspaper, the carnival reached out to the club looking to fill an open spot in their summer schedule. Based out of Missouri, the carnival is expected to be similar in size (number of rides) to the carnival which set up for the 2022 Vetch Days celebration.

If the dates become finalized soon, then the community can look forward to several other events being finalized for the celebration. Among them are:

Antique Tractor Pull — Held in conjunction with Vetch Days, the tractor pull would be held on Saturday, June 3.

Parade — One of the most anticipated events associated with Vetch Days, the parade would be held Sunday afternoon, June 4.

The schedule for the three-day celebration has yet to be finalized. Also, organizers have yet to come up with a theme for the celebration.