She’s a ‘farm girl’ now!

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Verona 'Ronni' Henn decided years ago to leave the Colorado Rocky Mountains and return home to Elgin. She stays busy working for Central Valley Ag.

Prepare. Plant. Nurture. Harvest. Repeat.

Such is the annual cycle in ag country and Elgin’s own Verona “Ronni” Henn is right in the center of it yearlong and especially during harvest season.

“I’m here to help producers make their business better,” Henn said as she expertly manages machines, phones, computers and face-to-face interactions at the Central Valley Ag (CVA) location in downtown Elgin. “Harvest is stressful for everybody. It’s the culmination of a year of hard work, their livelihood. I try to make producers’ days go better.”

With a glow of pride enveloping her every move, she lives and breathes her title of customer service specialist, constantly providing reminders of the CVA tagline ‘growing agriculture together’. It’s been a bit past five years now that she’s been back in Elgin at the CVA job after spending much of her 65 years in Colorado.

One of seven children of Elgin’s Dean and Mary Jane, Henn now lives in the house next to the fire station where she grew up. A graduate of Elgin’s Catholic high school, she was wooed to the Rockies by relatives because “I really didn’t have a plan.” Working her way up in a luggage and furniture company, then the pet supply sector, with some time in a company selling crescent moon pillows for nursing moms, too, Henn knows hard work, and attentiveness to customer needs. For the complete story turn to this week’s Elgin Review.

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Since coming back home to Elgin, Verona Henn has worked at CVA. She’s shown here measuring the moisture in a load of corn brought in as part of this year’s harvest.