Resolution-Village of Bartlett,





Resolution No. 14112022-B

Whereas: State of Nebraska Statutes,sections 39-2302, and 39-2511 through 39-2515 details the requirements that must be met in order for a municipality to qualify for an annual Incentive Payment; and

Whereas: The State of Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) requires that each incorporated municipality must annually certify (by December 31st of each year) the appointment(s) of the City Street Superintendents(s) to the NDOT using the Year-End Certification of City Street Superintendent form; and

Whereas: The NDOT requires that each certification shall also include a copy of the documentation of the city street superintendent’s appointment, i.e., meeting minutes; showing the appointment of the City Street Superintendent by their name as it appears on their License (if applicable) their License Number (if applicable), and Class of License (if applicable), and type of appointment, i.e., employed, contract (consultant, or interlocal agreement with another incorporated municipality and/or county), and the beginning date of the appointment; and

Whereas: The NDOT also requires that such Year-End Certification of City Street Superintendent form shall be signed by the Mayor or Village Board Chairperson and shall include a copy a resolution of the governing body authorizing the signing of the Year-End Certification of City Street Superintendent form by the Mayor or Village Board Chairperson.

Be it resolved that the Mayor ? Village Board Chairperson ? of Village of Bartlett is hereby authorized to sign the attached Year-End Certification of City Street Superintendent completed form(s).

Adopted this 14th day of November, 2022 at Bartlett, Nebraska.

City Council/Village Board Members

Letti Nichols

Kurtis Einspahr

Dan Williamson

Scott Plugge

City Council/Village Board Member Scott Plugge

Moved the adoption of said resolution

Member Letti Nichols Seconded the Motion

Roll Call  4 Yes  0 No  0 Abstained  1  Absent

Resolution adopted, signed, and billed as adopted.


Vicki Vannier

Village Clerk

PUBLISH: November 23, 2022