Red Miller observes 100th Birthday

Friends and family of Gerald “Red” Miller gathered this past Sunday to help Red celebrate his 100th birthday. Red and his late wife Lois moved to Norfolk approximately 10 years ago. His children Barb and John and their families thought it only fitting that this momentous occasion be observed in the town that will always be his home so they brought Red back to Elgin for the day.
It was asked, because it just HAD to be asked, what Red credits his longevity to.
“Well, I just live a clean life. There you go. And that I am pretty lucky,” Red answered.
Born and raised and living the majority of his adult life in Elgin, Red glanced around the crowd at the Elgin Community Center and a smile crossed his face. He noted, “there’re not too many of these in the room that haven’t bought a car through me.” For over sixty years, Red was a car salesman, wrapping up his career with Jonny Dodge in Neligh at the young age of 89. He recounted how a former customer said to him, just the other day, that they didn’t know “where to go to trade that car because you’re not there reselling.” For the complete story turn to this weeks edition of the Elgin Review.