Proceedings – Antelope County Commissioners


Neligh, Nebraska

May 9, 2023

Chairman opened the meeting.  Notice of meeting published as required by statute.

Approved agenda.

Discussed various building and maintenance issues.

Approved payroll.

Approved vendor claims.  

General: AMERITAS LIFE INS CORP ins 17,266.35; ANTELOPE CO COURT ex 85.00; ANTELOPE CO SHERIFF ex 174.17; APPEARA ex 34.70; APPLIED CONN TECH ex 5,028.70; BEAR GRAPHICS ex 982.76; BLACK HILLS ENERGY ut 1,728.05; BCBS ins 61,691.80; BOMGAARS ex 92.97; CARHART LUMBER ex 136.46; CARNEY LAW ex 7,606.00; CASEYS ex 234.88; CITY OF NELIGH ut 5,265.00; CITY OF NELIGH-RECY ex 250.00; CLEARFLY COMMS ut 154.01; CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT ex 36.00; COLDTYPE PUBLISHING ex 226.11; JUDITH COLE ex 10.00; COLONIAL LIFE/ACCIDENT INS ex 100.88; CORNER SVC/TIRE ex 209.29; CREDIT MANAGEMENT SVCS ex 750.97; CUBBYS ex 207.00; DAS STATE ACCTG ex 723.68; DUSTYS ex 322.26; EAKES OFFICE SOL ex 34.29; ELGIN ONE STOP ex 359.16; ELGIN REVIEW ex 395.76; ELITE OFFICE PRODS ex 3,393.91; FED W/H tax 10,113.93; FIRST CONCORD BENEFITS ins 15,417.59; FLOOR MAINTENANCE ex 454.20; GREAT PLAINS COMMS ut 368.51; DARRELL HAMILTON ps 11.00; HEARTLAND FIRE PROTECTION ex 1,225.57; HI-WAY MART ex 80.00; JEO CONSULTING GROUP ex 940.60; JONNY DODGE ex 733.64; KLEIN LAW OFFICE ex 446.50; KOINZAN ENTERPRISES ex 727.17; DENISE KURPGEWEIT ex 12.29; LA QUINTA INNS ex 588.00; LIBERTY NATL ins 87.19; MADISON CO DIST COURT ex 50.00; MADISON CO SHERIFF ex 29.65; MADISON NATL LIFE ins 134.64; MARVIN PLANNING CONSULTANTS ex 2,250.00; MAXIMUS CONSULTING SVCS ex 923.42; MENARDS ex 158.55; MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS ex 122.00; DUANE MILLER ps 12.00; MIPS ex 3,545.11; NACO ex 2,300.21; NEBR DEPT OF REV tax 5,237.46; NEBR HEALTH/HUMAN SVCS ex 93.00; NEBR LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAIN CENT ex 216.00; THOMAS NELSON ex 46.31; VSP-NACO VISION ins 514.23; NCPPD ut 30.69; NE NEBR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ex 915.00; NE NEBR AREA AGENCY ON AGING ex 5,009.00; ONE OFFICE SOL ex 257.95; LISA PAYNE ex 78.06; PINNACLE BANK ex 311.10; PITNEY BOWES ex 6,000.00; PITZER DIGITAL ex 807.15; QUILL CORP ex 280.99; JANICE RIDDER ps 10.00; CAROLINE SIEMS ps 25.00; WEX BANK ex 360.61; SNIDER MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME ex 440.00; SOC SEC 23,688.28; BRITTANY SPIEKER ex 533.28; STEALTH BROADBAND ut 1,135.20; STOP STICK ex 4,045.00; TINSLEY GRAIN ex 735.49; TYLER TECHNOLOGIES ex 449.00; UNIV OF NEBR-LINCOLN ut 45.02; US CELL ut 4,827.39; WASHINGTON NATL INS CO ins 285.92; ANTELOPE CO TREAS ex 1,000,000.00; Payroll $120,259.01

Road/Bridge: A&R CONSTRUCTION ex 515,351.30; AGRI DRAIN ex 370.74; AKRS ex 508.73; AMERITAS LIFE INS CORP ins 12,327.55; B’S ENTERPRISES ex 4,410.00; BAR U FARMS ex 582.40; BAZILE AGGREGATE ex 5,984.84; BELL BANK EQUIP FIN ex 27,424.10; BLACK HILLS ENERGY ut 1,885.27; BCBS ins 33,983.90; BOMGAARS ex 3,226.75; CARQUEST ex 1,940.85; CEDAR CO ROAD DEPT ex 582.45; CERTIFIED TESTING SVC ex 3,161.60; CITY OF ELGIN ut 60.00; CITY OF NELIGH ut 861.00; CITY OF TILDEN ut 70.03; COLONIAL LIFE/ACCIDENT INS ins 18.00; CONSTELLATION ut 251.65; CORNHUSKER INTL TRUCK ex 679.88; CREDIT MANAGEMENT SVCS ex 447.16; CUBBYS ex 412.93; DIXON CONSTRUCTION ex 172,226.85; DUSTYS ex 163.66; ELGIN ONE STOP ex 14.77; ELITE OFFICE PRODS ex 130.59; ERPPD ut 558.40; EMME SAND/GRAVEL ex 22,415.35; FARMERS PRIDE ex 35,680.01; FED W/H tax 8,030.96; FIRST CONCORD BENEFITS ins 4,204.54; ISLAND SUPPLY WELDING ex 220.80; FRONTIER COMM ut 322.03; GREAT PLAINS COMMS ut 267.33; LYLE HART ex 500.00; JOEL SINCLAIR ex 13,339.20; JEO CONSULTING GROUP ex 37,185.75; JOHN DEERE CREDIT ex 62,665.20; JONNY DODGE ex 3,727.12; K&S DOOR-OVERHEAD DOOR ex 3,641.00; KAYTON INTL ex 2,022.10; LAWSON PRODS ex 723.44; LIBERTY NATL ins 235.77; LICHTENBERG TIRE SVC ex 4,419.18; MADISON NATL LIFE ins 61.81; MATTEO SAND/GRAVEL ex 17,991.75; MURPHY TRACTOR-POWER PLAN ex 1,217.28; N&B GAS CO ex 1,393.39; NEBR CHILD SUPPORT PMT CNTR ex 153.00; NEBR DEPT OF REV tax 4,005.30; NPPD ut 182.85; NELIGH AUTO/MACHINE ex 521.22; NELIGH CLINIC ex 158.00; VSP-NACO VISION ins 315.45; NMC EXCHANGE ex 36.35; NORFOLK AREA SHOPPER ex 444.20; NCPPD ut 192.49; NORTHEAST GLASS ex 425.00; NNTC ut 76.40; POLLOCK REDI MIX ex 28,302.83; QUALITY IRON/METAL ex 1,583.25; QUICK SERVE OIL ex 2,189.06; RAZOR TRACKING ex 900.00; RDO TRUCK CENTER ex 2,826.24; ROAD BUILDERS MACHINERY/ SUPPLY ex 6,364.71; ROSE EQUIPMENT ex 3,909.58; ROYAL ONE STOP ex 1,323.37; SANNE REPAIR ex 489.00; SAPP BROTHER PETRO ex 5,463.19; SEALS/SERVICE ex 913.13; WEX BANK ex 692.30; SIOUX CITY TARP ex 401.60; SOC SEC 17,423.36; SPENCER QUARRIES ex 4,061.17; STEALTH BROADBAND ut 95.01; VILLAGE OF BRUNSWICK ut 54.50; VILLAGE OF CLEARWATER ut 78.75; VILLAGE OF ORCHARD ut 55.64; WASHINGTON NATL INS CO ins 277.90; WINSUPPLY NORFOLK NE CO ex 1,241.00; Payroll 87,469.68

County Visitor Promotion: ROYAL ONE STOP ex 100.00; 

Register of Deeds: MIPS ex 342.80; 

Disaster Flood 2019: JEO CONSULTING GROUP ex 2,388.75;

Law Enforcement: AMH FAMILY PRACTICE ex 167.00; ANTELOPE CO TREAS ex 3,043.00; BLOOD PHARMACY ex 39.38; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING ex 1,723.38; CITY OF NELIGH ex 412.35; CULLIGAN ex 97.50; APRIL CURTISS ex 105.00; ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS ex 128.00; HILAND DAIRY ex 507.08; HILLTOP DRUG ex 117.96; HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS ex 265.90; JACKS UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT ex 1,919.25; MENARDS ex 880.78; NETCOM ex 130.00; PINNACLE BANK ex 46.43; SANNE REPAIR ex 5,939.66; AMBER SCHEER ex 52.50; THRIFTWAY MARKET ex 322.84; TRANE U S ex 6,111.00; ULINE SHIPPING ex 30.21; Commissary: CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING ex 488.59; KEEFE SUPPLY ex 308.64; OMAHA WORLD HERALD ex 441.79; PINNACLE BANK ex 624.43; PITZER DIGITAL ex 40.00; 319 GRAPHICS/T’S ex 783.00.

Approved one (1) promotional grant.

Heard talk on Carbon Capture Pipelines.

Approved minutes of the May 2nd, 2023, BOC Meeting.

Approved BC/BS insurance benefit. Approved participation in VSP. 

Correspondence was reviewed. The Clerk of District Court, Treasurer’s Fund Balance, Treasurer’s Miscellaneous Revenue Report, Sheriff’s Fee Report and Zoning Permit Report for April were presented. 

Pledge Collateral reviewed. Discussion of human resource benefits with Zelle representative.

Discontinued ‘Zoom’ing of future Commissioner meetings.

Zoning Administrators Report.

Approved update on Antelope Country Club Liquor License.

Discussion and approval of opioid payment disbursement. 

Approved pay application Dixon Construction.

Road Superintendent Report. Approved establishing AC Action Plan.  Purchased milling machine and paver.

Met as BOE.

Meeting Adjourned.

Antelope County Board of Commissioners


Chairman of County Board

Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/

Antelope County Clerk

PUBLISH: May 17, 2023