Pool capacity Expanded

Just after rules were announced for the use of the Elgin Swimming Pool which opened last week, an announcement by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts last week means more people will be able to use the pool.
The City of Elgin has published new pool requirements for the 2020 season.
To adhere to the social distancing requirements set forth (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the pool will only be allowing 75 individuals (not including lifeguards) into the pool area at a time.
According to the City’s Facebook page, groups of eight will be allowed but will have to adhere to the six foot rule between groups. Pool staff will be adhering to sanitation requirements to keep the pool open to the public for the remainder of the summer season.
New pool requirements are:
• Effective immediately, pool staff will no longer take phone reservations to swim. This means it will be first come, first serve at the pool entrance (as in past years). If the pool reaches 75 percent capacity (75 people), patrons will be denied entrance.
• Upon arrival, everyone will have their temperature taken. Anyone running a temperature will not be allowed into the pool.
• Persons wishing to swim who arrive early will be asked to wait outside the pool entrance and maintain the six feet social distancing between groups.
• Everyone is required to use the bathhouse showers before entering the pool area. One person at a time in the showers.
• Everyone will still be required to adhere to social distancing requirements of six feet between groups of eight. If you have to be told twice to keep distance between you and other swimmers, you will be asked to leave the pool. Anyone who spits water will be asked to leave immediately.
• Any item brought into the pool with you is required to leave with you at the end of the session. Anything left will be thrown away during the sanitation process.
• No chairs, benches or tables will be available. Persons using the pool are encouraged to bring a towel to sit or lay on.
According to Pool Manager Sue Vanis, these guidelines are subject to change if needed. “If we feel that we are having too many problems, we will be required to shut the pool down. We don’t want it to come to that, so please help us keep the pool open and safe for all swimmers during this challenging summer!”