Miller tells of getting ready for fair and demo derby

One of my favorite events of the Antelope County Fair has and will always be the demolition derby. Although baseball games, years of weekend work at the bar, and other life commitments have affected my attendance over the years, I still get excited about the event. There is something about sitting in the grandstands on a hot summer night, getting sprayed with mud as souped up cars whiz by the stands to bash each other to pieces.
This year, the opportunity to attend the derby is spread out into two nights. Spectators can take in the derby action beginning this Friday, July 31 featuring the return of bonestock and old school classes and then come back on Saturday, August 1, to watch the modified and limited weld classes compete. Both nights the action will begin at 7 p.m.
As a spectator, I had limited understanding of the various classes and the time and resources that go into preparing to participate in the derby. I turned to a long-time derby participant, who along with his brother Travis, gave me my first and only experience as a powder puff derby driver, to learn a little more about the event.