Finkral opens Hello Beautiful Boutique in Elgin

Elgin may be a small town, but it has been able to sustain many successful small businesses. From our local grocery store, quick stops, the Bargain Box, and more, our community is lucky to have all of these businesses. And now, a new business has made it’s way into town that has many people excited. Diane Finkral, a resident of Elgin, opened her new business, Hello Beautiful Boutique, on Monday June 21.
Finkral is originally from Chadron and is married to Kevin Finkral. She and her husband have lived in Elgin for about three years now. However, many people have not met her before the opening of her business last week.
“I’m not really known around here I guess because I kind of kept to myself and I was always going back and forth from work at the nursing home in Neligh,” she said Wednesday afternoon.
With multiple years of management experience, she decided to start her own business up.
“I have always wanted to have my own business,” she said. “Then I said to myself, ‘you know what I love is clothes’ and the best thing about this is that I can get clothes and not get into trouble for getting clothes.”
“Boutiques are a very uprising business. Everywhere has boutiques but every boutique is different. It’s not like where you can go into Maurices or you can go into the Buckle and see the same thing everywhere. It’s always something different. It’s unique, it’s unique to that certain person and what that certain person likes.”To read the complete story, turn to this weeks edition of the Elgin Review.