Engle makes fascinating discovery in process of opening new business

While in the process of putting the finishing touches on his new business, Andrew Engle made a fascinating discovery. Elgin’s newest business, Engle Taxidermy, can be found in the blue tin shed across the alley from the Bargain Box. According to Andrew, the building he purchased from Mary Bergstrom sits very close to where Elgin’s former dentist was once located, and that possibly could help explain what was “extracted” from the ground after crews began to dig to put in a new waterline.
He explained, “The heating and plumbing people came and tore out a chunk of concrete after they dug for a day and had dug down maybe a foot or so.
That night, I came back into my shop and started noticing some things sticking out of the dirt, stuff that looked like it shouldn’t be in the dirt. So I started digging through it and pulling out several little artifacts and random objects.”
Among those little artifacts and random objects he pulled out from the dirt were a good number of what he believed to be extracted teeth. He also found some dental tools, a set of dentures, as well as a few brightly colored medicine jars still filled with some form of liquid. To read the complete story turn to this weeks edition of the Elgin Review.