Elgin scholarship drive top’s $4000 in donations

More than $4,000 in local donations have been received as of Tuesday for the Elgin Scholarship 2020 Fund Drive.
Treasurer Anne Parks announced donations from local and area residents have reached $4,035 for scholarships to be given to senior students from both of the high schools in Elgin (Elgin Public School and Pope John XXIII Central Catholic High School).
Making contributions to the scholarship drive last week were Mark & Ellen Schmitt, Marilyn Clark and Verona Henn.
Earlier donations have been received from The Elgin Review, Jim & Betty Getzfred, Dale & Renee Schindler, and from Tony & Nicole Levander. Earlier donations came from VFW Post #5816, Marilyn Reilly, Ed and Anne Parks, Bank of Elgin, Steve & Casey Busteed, Janie Score, Phyllis Kinney, Gale & Barb Mahnke, Mary Avidano, Scott & Rachel Becker, Eugene & Mary Jane Boes, Lonnie Dinslage, the Dodi Mack Memorial, Mike & Connie Dvorak, Dave & Janice Eischeid, Denis & Janette Henn, Juan Hoefer, Kenny & Jeanine Jochum, Jim & Anne Meis, Duane & Vicki Miller, Loren & Connie Nelson, Jim & Chris Redding, Terry & Michelle Reicks, Leora Sullivan, Maxine Uhrenholdt, Kyle & Deb Warren, and Sharon Wilkinson.
There’s still time to make a contribution to the scholarship fund. Donations can be sent to PO Box 345, Elgin, NE 68636; or they can be dropped off at the Bank of Elgin.
Recipients of 2020 scholarships will be announced in next week’s issue of The Elgin Review.