District #18 school board to meet July 9

The July regular meeting of the District #18 Board of Education will be held next week. The meeting will be held Tuesday night, July 9. Open to the public, it will begin at 6:30 p.m. due to a board retreat later that night.

Public hearings will be held on policies involving student fees, bullying prevention, parent involvement and wellness prior to convening the regular meeting.

Action items on the agenda are:

• Approval of the afore-mentioned policies

• Approve the first reading of Policies 201.02 Board Membership-Elections and Appointments; 204.07 Meeting Notice; 204.12 Public Comment in Board Meetings; 206.02 Board Association Membership; 402.03 Employee Conflict of Interest; 409.01 Certificated Employee Professional Development; 502.02 Nonresident Students/Option Enrollment; 502.03 Entrance Admissions; 503.04 Addressing Barriers to Attendance; 504.03 Student Conduct; 504.06 Student Appearance; 504.11 Weapons; 509.03 Student and Staff Memorials (optional); 607.10 Classroom Environment; 611.02 Student Promotion, Retention, or Acceleration; 611.07 Graduation Requirements; 802.05 Free or Reduced Cost Meals Eligibility and Meal Charges; 905.04 Emergency Response Mapping (optional); 1003.00 Public Examination of School District Records; deletion of policy 606.09 Textbook Loans to Children Enrolled in Private Schools (LB 705 requires the NDE to take this over), and Medical Information Form.

• Approve the repairs to the basketball backboards

• Approve the surplus of a dumpster and bookshelves

• Approve the carpeting of the ITV room

• Approve transfer of funds into the Wolfpack Account