Dean’s Market serve up excellent meats, excellent customer service

By Skylar Reestman
Elgin Review Intern
During this past year of COVID-19, many of the small businesses throughout our country have suffered greatly, some even having to let people go and/or completely close.
Our local grocery store Dean’s Market has been able to thrive during this pandemic despite some of the challenges it has brought.
Dean Schrage, co-owner of Dean’s Market, commented on how their business was able to withstand some of the challenges that COVID had brought.
“It was hard to get a lot of meat products. And then of course, it was very expensive too. They (suppliers) had to space workers out, six feet apart. So that dropped production, you know, maybe two thirds, even to half. And then in turn they couldn’t produce as much. So they raised the price to slow the demand.”
Although our local grocery store was able to navigate its way through this difficult time, Schrage admitted it was definitely not something he would like to go through again. “It was hard on everybody. I felt sorry for the restaurants, the bars, you know, that basically had to close their doors. We fortunately were called ‘essential business’ and were able to stay open.”
Despite all the difficulties covid brought, Dean’s Market was still able to sustain their business through loyal local customers and those from surrounding areas. Schrage credits part of the grocery store’s success to the good products, including the beef and meat products.
“In order to make a grocery store in small town Nebraska survive, you have to have a good product department. In my 33 years here, from what we started to what we are today….you just keep on expanding, doing different things. People like variety.”  To read the full story, turn to this weeks edition of the Elgin Review.