Council okays funds to pursue ED via LB840

Meeting Monday night, the Elgin City Council approved up to $10,000 in sales tax funds to be used to pursue LB840, a community tax-funded economic development program.

Todd Heithoff said, as part of the process, community residents will be surveyed in July as part of a plan to be developed. Then, in August, the plan would be presented to the council for approval. If that happens, LB840 would be put to a vote in the general election in November. The deadline to have the matter placed on the ballot is September 1, he said.

LB840 would allow Elgin to specify what kinds of activities or businesses would qualify for direct or indirect financial assistance through local economic development funds.

More details about the matter will be announced in the coming days.

In other action:

Approved — The council approved spending $360 for a tool which, when connected to a smartphone, can be used to map city assets (water lines, etc.).