City to seek bids on water meter project


By Dennis Morgan


Meeting Monday night, the Elgin City Council put in motion a plan which will, likely by the end of 2023, have new water meters installed across the community.

The council, at the behest of City Engineer John Zwingman, voted 3-0 (Craig Niewohner was absent) to go forward with the advertising for bids for more than 400 new water meters to be purchased, installed and be fully functional.

Zwingman estimated the project, from start to completion, would cost approximately $300,000. Depending on each property, some meters will need to be installed inside, others will be put into a pit. Also, the meters will vary in size. The project will now be advertised for bids. The council set the date of March 2 at 2 p.m. for the bid letting. For the complete story turn to this weeks Elgin Review.