City Council Hires Pool Lifeguards

Also to be advertised again will be a summer maintenance position as well as for an individual to clean the restrooms at the park. In other action:
Dog ordinance — The council amended City Ordinance #657 to allow prohibited dogs which are used for law enforcement purposes or as service dogs, to be exempt from the ordinance. The change was made to accomodate a drug dog for the Antelope County Sheriff’s Department to be kept inside the city limits.
On a separate matter, Austin Heying addressed the council to ask them to review the list of prohibited dog breeds and, hopefully, make a change to allow for Siberian Huskies as an accepted breed. He said he and his wife want to buy or build a home here in Elgin and want to have their pet dog with them. Heying cited an ordinance on the books in Petersburg in his presentation. No action was taken. Mayor Mike Schmitt said the city would need to contact their insurance provider to learn more information about prohibited dog breeds.  Read more about local decisions in the latest edition of the Elgin Review.