Calligrapher Laurie Zavodsky finds ‘home’ in rural farmhouse

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Laurie Ann Zavodsky in her farmhouse basement office southeast of Elgin wears a t-shirt with a design she created.




That’s the letter-perfect ABC’s of Laurie Ann Zavodsky’s passion and life’s work.

Tucked away in a well-lit corner of the Zeger farmhouse basement southeast of Elgin, Zavodsky spends 15-20 hours a week practicing the art of exquisite handwriting. Gazing at walls throughout the home is akin to perusing a fine art gallery. Her expressive, harmonious, and skillful work gives testament to her giftedness.

Welling up with pride, she shows off her popular calendar that takes three months to conceptualize, design, and letter. Check out her work at Shop the North Pole November 18-19 at the Elgin Knights of Columbus Hall. The 2023 calendar, harboring a faith theme, will be personalized on site for each gift recipient.

Zavodsky, 63, discovered her innate calligraphy skill while attending the Studio Academy of Advertising Arts and Design, Omaha. Upon graduation in 1980, her life journey took her from her childhood home in Fremont to such places as Chicago, San Diego, Charleston, and Nashville. What she remembers distinctly is coming HOME to Elgin to visit grandparents William and Catherine Tunink. For the complete story, turn to this week’s Elgin Review.