Amanda Fritzen pens first adventure novel

By Skylar Reestman
Student intern
For many people, it takes many years of hard work and determination to accomplish something great. And for some like Amanda Fritzen, you can get a lot accomplished in a short time.
Amanda Fritzen, at only the age of 15, has published her first book. Based on some of her own experience with her friends and creative thinking, she was able to write her novel. Her book, The Adventures in Tree Wood Hollow, is about three best friends with very different personalities that come together in order to solve a mystery. This book is only the first of a four-part series that she has already begun to write that will continue the adventures of the characters in her story.
Amanda enjoys writing, and hanging out with friends and is always ready to try something new. After her father’s car accident over a year ago, having to travel back and forth from Omaha for his rehabilitation, she – being an optimist – turned a not so good situation into a positive one and started to write her book to keep herself busy. Everywhere she went, she would carry a notebook with her in case an idea popped into her head. To read more about Amanda’s story turn to this weeks edition of the Elgin Review.