Voters Say ‘No’ to Jail Special Tax

At Tuesday’s general election, two ‘funding’ issues on the ballot affecting Antelope County voters were defeated. In September, the Antelope County Board of Supervisors approved building a new county jail/law enforcement center which is expected to cost nearly $7 million.
On Tuesday, voters decided how to pay for it. By a large margin, Antelope County voters voted down a special tax to fund the building of the jail.
Approximately 68 percent of the voters (2,073) casting ballots on the issue voted against the special tax. Just 952 voted in favor of the tax.
As a result, the County Board will issue the bonds, which shall be payable from the County’s general fund tax levy. The levy shall not exceed the County’s constitutional and statutory tax levy limitations.
The other ‘money’ issue on the ballot involves funding for Antelope County Agricultural Society.
In order to receive the same amount of county funds as they have in previous years, they were required to raise their restricted fund base by $70,000 due to a state law which was enacted 16 years ago.
Antelope County voters rejected the ballot measure 1,660 (against) to 1,119 (for).
Unofficial results can be found at

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