Spirit Week Begins Monday at EPS

Homecoming is right around the corner at Elgin Public School!
According to instructor Stacy Shumake Henn, Spirit Week will be held Monday, Sept. 30 through Friday, Oct. 4.
Homecoming royalty candidates are Olivia Lindgren, Araceli Palmer, Talena Woodard, Cade Heithoff, Adam Dreger, Tyler Iburg and Cory Romej.
Each day of Spirit Week, 9-12 students will be provided with a number of opportunities to compete as a class. The winning class at the end of the week will be rewarded with a pizza party! The following opportunities will serve as competitions for points.
Dress Up & Snack Days (All Pre-K students are encouraged to join in on the fun!)
*Elementary students may have some variations on dress-up days
Monday: Woke Up Like This
Tuesday: VSCO Girl/OCSV Boy
Wednesday: Pirates and Adventurers
Thursday: Honky Tonk (Country/Western Attire)
Friday: Spirit Day! Dress in Red, Black and Silver
9-12 classes will be awarded points for the percentage of class members dressed up each day. In addition, classes will choose reps to represent at lunch time. Judges will decide who the best-dressed reps are, and additional points will be awarded.
*Remember that all outfits must be school appropriate, she said.
Lunchtime Class Competitions—Join the Freshman Class and Sponsors for a Good Old-Fashioned 9-12 Throw Down!
Following the judging of class reps each day, 9-12 classes will compete in a 5-10 minute competition. Points will be awarded for each place 1-4. We will keep things moving as quickly as possible, but we may run into the first five minutes of 6th period on occasion.
Sidewalk Chalk Decorating Contest—Break Out Your Inner Artist and Show Your Spirit!
All classes Pre-K through 12 are encouraged to participate in the sidewalk chalk decorating contest. 9-12 classes will compete for class competition points, so their areas will be marked outside of the main entrance by the office. 7th-8th grades will also have designated spots in that area. All other classes may find and decorate as many areas on the campus as they can (sidewalks, basketball court, etc.) We will plan to decorate on Monday, September 30 and/or Tuesday, October 1. Elementary, you may decorate any time during those days or even throughout the week. We will have chalk available at the front doors of both elementary buildings. Grades 7-8 will decorate during their 7th period study hall. Students in grades 9-12 will decorate during their study hall on those days. Since not all of you have the same study halls, you may need to come up with a plan of attack. Judging will take place later in the week. Let’s cover this place in school spirit!
Poster Contest
The theme for the contest will be “Scary Movies.”
Each class will be responsible for designing a poster revolving around the chosen theme. It should be representative of the class and the school’s activities, organizations, etc. We will be playing the Riverside Chargers in case you’d like to incorporate that in any way.
There are no limits on poster dimensions.
The posters will need to be completed and hung in the gym sometime during the day Tuesday—October 1–the sooner the better! Judging will take place toward the end of the week and points will be awarded for places 1-4
A reasonable amount of work time will be provided during study halls for 7-12 students. Teachers and sponsors may choose the day/days/times, etc. accordingly. Start deciding on your movie!
Junior High is also encouraged to create posters! They simply won’t be judged as part of the contest, but it will give you a practice run and help add to the spirit. Please feel free to join in on the fun!
Additional Spirit Week Festivities
Coronation will be held Wednesday, October 2, at 7:00, in the EPS gym. The sophomore class will be responsible for decorating. Make sure that you are coming up with ideas and meeting with your sponsors.
Pizza Party/Homecoming Dance
Following Friday night’s football game, a pizza party for all 9-12 Wolfpack students (and football managers/coaches) will be held in the EPS lunchroom. We will begin as soon as the game concludes.
After the pizza party, students will dance the night away to the musical stylings of a deejay hired by the junior class. Dress for the dance is whatever you choose . . . casual or dressy. The dance will end at midnight. Junior class sponsors will be responsible for chaperoning the dance. Juniors are responsible for any and all dance details.
Pizza and date sign-up sheets will be available at the office. ASAP.