March for Life in 2020 won’t soon be forgotten.

Editor’s note — The following article, written by ER Student Intern Skylar Reestman, in-cludes first-hand accounts of attending the 2020 March For Life in Washington, D.C.
As my third time attending the March for Life, I’d have to say it was definitely the most memorable. From being around close friends and exploring D.C. to listening to speakers about what the March for Life is, the March for Life 2020 is going to be a hard trip to beat.
After leaving for the March for Life on Tuesday from Norfolk, our bus spent the next 24 hours eastbound with stops every couple of hours. It wasn’t all bad, there were many laughs and a lot of fun activities like ice breakers and movies. But once it was time for bed, my least favorite part of the trip began. This was a charter bus so it was a very nice bus, however, sleeping on a bus is a whole different situation.
The discomfort of riding on the bus was short and we finally made it to D.C. Our bus had a little time before Mass so we decided to do some sight seeing. Our stop that night was at the Lincoln Memorial, which in person is way bigger than you realize. The sun was starting to set and the sky was a crystal blue; it was truly a beautiful sight to see, especially with the reflective water in front.
The next day was one of the busiest, yet exciting, days of the trip. After waking up very early and getting ready, our bus made its first stop at President Donald Trump’s home, The White House. Seeing the White House was at the top of my list for what I was looking forward to on this trip. Entering the building took a lot of security and background checks — shocker — and sadly two of our members had issues with their I.D. So after waiting about an hour and a half after getting everyone else cleared, the other two were finally able to come with us. The waiting time only built my anticipation to see the White House inside. However, I was slightly disappointed. We didn’t see too much of it and it was a very quick in and out type of tour. But to make the story better, let’s just say I met the President and took a picture with him. Did that actually happen? The world may never know…Read more about the March in this week’s edition of the Elgin Review.