County roads targeted for repairs

The condition of roads in Antelope County, long a source of contention among residents, will be addressed soon, real soon.
Meeting last week, the Antelope County Commissioners approved a road plan submitted by County Road Superintendent Casey Dittrich which targets needed repairs and prioritizes roads deemed to be priority roads for contracted overlay in the near future.
Here’s what will happen:
• Roads to be milled — 527 Avenue to 529 Avenue of the Neligh-Pierce Road; 849 Road to 851 Road south of Clearwater
• Roads to be replaced — Oakdale to the cemetery from 844 to 841 Road (ground and returned to gravel); Royal Road from 855 to 855.5 Road
• Roads to be ground — 527 1/2 Avenue (aka Million Dollar Corner) from 837 to 838 Road from Highway 14 to 523 Avenue, millings to be used on 839 Road west to 526 Avenue; 866 Road from 527 Avenue to 531 Avenue northeast of Brunswick with milling to be put on 531 Avenue between 857 and 858 Road
Priority Roads
Designated as “priority roads,” meaning roads which receive the most use and are currently in the best condition, 65 miles of roadway will have a budget created for contracted overlay (concrete or hot mix) in the coming years.
Those roads are:
• Clearwater to the Holt County line
• Royal Road from Highway 275 to Grove Lake
• Orchard Road from Highway 275 to the Knox County line
• Copenhagen Road from the Pierce-Neligh Road to Highway 20
Dittrich said, during the meeting, the long term plan can work as a tool for future road improvements. In the past, he said that was not something that could have been done.