City of Elgin Working with GreenFiber on Recycling

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in Elgin’s recycling program. There are some changes to announce, as well as some reminders to make everything go more smoothly.

First of all, persons will notice that the cardboard and paper recycling trailers are gone.  This is due to the fact that we have now begun working with the GreenFiber company out of Norfolk. Not only does this allow for more efficient recycling of paper products, but it also raises money for our town.  GreenFiber, in turn, uses the paper products to make cellulose insulation, which is more environmentally friendly. The following are guidelines for using the GreenFiber bin, which is now located on the west side of the recycling trailer behind the post office.

Acceptable Materials are phone books, newspapers, office paper, paperback books, paper bags, cereal and kleenex boxes, pop and beer boxes, cardboard and magazines.

Items which are NOT accceptable are glass, plastic, metal, styrofoam, trash, string, feed sacks, used pizza boxes, wet or damp paper, duct tape, staples. Limit the amount of tape that goes in.

**Do Not Put Plastic Bags in the GreenFiber Bin**

The #1 plastic, #2 plastic, steel can, and milk jug trailer bins continue to be filled regularly.  We are excited to see an increasing number of participants; however, things will go much more smoothly if everyone pays attention to the following guidelines:

• Smash steel cans and plastics in order to make better use of available space

• There is no bin for aluminum cans in the trailer at this time

• Check your plastics to make sure they are either #1 or #2; we do not accept any other types of plastics

• Some plastic bags are marked with a #2; this is the only kind of plastic bag that we accept

• Do not place trash bags in the bins; if they contain your recycling, please sort the materials into the appropriate bins and then dispose of the trash bags.

• Do not use the recycling bins as your personal dumpster; trash does not belong in the recycling trailer.

• Remove all caps and rings from #1 plastics, #2 plastics, and milk jugs; most lids are not recyclable.

• Rinse all recyclables before placing them in bins; do not place anything in bins that contains food or food remains

Thanks again for to all for recycling! It’s nice to see that so many people are becoming environmentally conscious.  Again, please follow the above guidelines carefully in order to help Elgin’s recycling program run efficiently.

Great Job of Going Green, Elgin!