Buyers, sellers from 4-H Livestock Premium Sale

Here are the buyers and sellers from the Antelope County Fair Livestock Premium Sale.
Market Goat
Champion Codey Snider -$700 Snider Suffolks and Two Rivers Irrigation Inc.
Carissa Gale- $250 Ferguson Agronomics
Season Forbes – $125 Koenig Farms
Autumn Forbes – $100 Frey Trucking
Jackson Gallageher – $100 Frey Farms
Lincoln Forbes – $125 Redding Saddle & Tack
Taytum Clouse – $150 Koinzan Feedlot
Andrew Steskal – $200 Tony Steskal
Lottery Goat
Champion Robert Dugan – $250 Pinnacle Bank of Neligh
Reserve Champion Brooke Forbes – $200 Brunswick State Bank
Market Lamb
Champion Trapper Wilcox – $1,200 Dave & Judy Wilcox, Beller Feedlot, Equine Veterinarian and Two Rivers Irrigation.
Brihanna Dugan – $250 Koinzan Feedlot
Jovie Johnson – $175 CVA and Town & County Vet Clinic
Jonah Johnson – $175 Frey Trucking
Aubreianna Clouse – $400 Two Rivers Irrigation
Kaimberlynn Clouse – $325 Koinzan Feedlot
Austin Good – $425 Tim Good and Two Rivers Irrigation
Market Barrow
Champion Larissa Vaughn – $500 Broberg Charolais
Res. Champion Cassidy Frey – $400 Frey Farms, Bar 7 R Angus and Frey Trucking
Lucille Koinzan – $500 Bart & Sandy Koinzan
Kaylee Frey – $275 Frey Trucking and Bar 7 Red Angus
Bode Koinzan – $500 Bart & Sandy Koinzan
Joe Ahlers – $300 Steve & Kathy Ahlers
Lynae Koinzan – $500 Bart & Sandy Koinzan
Carter Mullins – $500 Mullins Farms
Merinee Vaughn – $500 Broberg Charolais
Market Gilt
Champion Carcass Carter Beckman – $1,000 First National Bank of Norfolk
Trevin Hanson – $550 Town & Country Vet Clinic, Allan Bentley and CVA
Collin Mullins – $450 Midwest Bank of Plainview
Wyatt Koinzan – $500 Bart & Sandy Koinzan
Jackson Keetle – $1,000 Blackburn Mfg. Co., Fischer The North, Diamond Z, Keetle Trucking and K Double Consulting
Beau Ahlers – $450 Steve & Kathy Ahlers
Caydence Schumacher – $225 Two Rivers Irrigation
Bailey Ahlers – $450 Steve & Kathy Ahlers and Two Rivers Irrigation
Market Steer
Champion Logan Mueller – $2,000 Booth Hay, Bolling Trucking, Tilden Bank of Clearwater and ARC Group-Shane Lechtenburg
Reserve Champion Chris Kester – $1,000 Jeremy Kester, Tilden Bank of Clearwater, Elgin Livestock Sales, Inc. and Two Rivers Irrigation
Cale Kinney – $1,500 Mueller Farms, Precision Repairs and Body Works
Leevi Frey – $1,200 Bar 7 R Angus and John Frey
Charley Mlnarik – $1,100 Broberg Charolais and Clearwater Feed
Abe Johnson – $700 Advanced Consulting Engineering, Two Rivers Irrigation and Koinzan Feedlot
Cash Kester – $1,200 DK Feeds, Jeremy Kester, Cold Type Publishing, Mueller Feedlot and Two Rivers Irrigation
Allyson Selting – $800 First National Bank of Norfolk and Elgin Livestock Sales, Inc.
Preston Vondra – $700 Bar 7 R Farms, Koinzan Feedlot, Stuart Vaughn and Kenny Oelsligle
Market Heifer
Champion Haley Zegers – $1,800 Stoltz Exotics, Darlene Bennett, Albion Livestock Market, Judy
& Gayle Zegers, Corner Service & Tire, Niewohner Bros. Feedlot, Martinsen Appraisal, Schindler
Ag Service and Great Plains State Bank
Reserve Champion – $1,150 Sawyer Tegeler, Broberg Charolais, Larry & Linda Tegeler, Quick Serve and Advance Consulting
Grady Drueke – $900 Koinzan Feedlot and Martinsen Appraisal
Alec Kester – $1,200 DK Feeds, Koinzan Feedlot, Sandy Ridge Feedlot and Two Rivers Irrigation
Dillon Moser – $1,800 Stokes Seeds, Thiele Dairy, KF Repair, Sehi & Associates, Hi Way Mart, Schlecht Trucking, Moser Farms, Wilbur Ellis, Snake Creek Trucking, Two Rivers Irrigation, Ray & Sally Moser and Terry & Michele Reicks
Eli Macke – $800 Koinzan Feedlot
Bryce Rudloff – $1,400 Koenig Farms
Travis Rudloff – $1,600 Two Rivers Irrigation and Koenig Farms
Second Year Bucket Calf
Champion Andrew Henery – $1,300 Cody Rasmussen, Kayton International, Dean’s Market, CVA, Sly’s Chill & Grill, Neligh Family Dentistry, Doerr & Klein PC and Matt & Melissa Henery
Reserve Champion Baylee Chessmore – $1,300 Mamas’ and Nanas’, Purina-Mike O’Dey, Dave & Carol Stromberg, Starman Seed Service, Bank of Elgin, Husker Ag, Morrison Farms and CP Trucking
Jayda Chessmore – $1,300 Dave and Carol Stromberg, Dicke Land and Cattle, Mark Hannappel, Ag Agronomy Center, Jerry’s Feed Service, Lordemann Insurance, Morrison Farms and CP Trucking
Michael Selting – $850 Brunswick State Bank, Landmark Angus and Two Rivers Irrigation
Tyler Suckstorf – $750 Greg & Rita Eickhoff, Prime Choice Inc. and Town & Country Vet Clinic
John Zwingman – $1,300 CP Meis, Dan Zwingman, John & Vernel Zwingman and KZ Mechanical LLC
Callie Heithoff – $1,300 Louis & Darlene Heithoff, Todd & Melissa Heithoff, Calvin & Pam Heithoff and Great Plains State Bank
Sara Hemenway – $1,300 Meuret Grain and Double SP Farms
Samuel Hemenway – $1,300 Pinnacle Bank
Molly Thiessen – $800 Two Rivers Irrigation, Koinzan Feedlot and Elgin Livestock Sales, Inc.
Champion Rate of Gain Chase Schwartz – $1,000 Jerry & Sandra Hales
Gentry Zwingman – $1,300 Ed & Anne Hemenway
lsacc Hemenway – $1,300 Ed & Anne Hemenway
Sadie Thiessen – $1,050 Two Rivers Irrigations and Ed & Anne Hemenway
Cain Mortensen – $900 Smith Brothers and Rhonda Meyer
Addyson Jacob – $1,000 Two Rivers Irrigation, Carol Green and Koinzan Feedlot
Gage Thiessen – $700 Koinzan Feedlot, Two Rivers Irrigation and Brian & Julie Thiessen
Jacob Henery – $850 Koinzan Feedlot
Braelyn Bergman – $1,300 Pinnacle Bank of Neligh, Ten West, Elgin Livestock Sales, Inc. and Two Rivers Irrigation
Stockton Shabram – $800 Smith Farms, Two Rivers Irrigation and Royal One Stop Tank Wagon
Market Chicken and Market Rabbit
Group purchase with proceeds split among the group. $1,800 Marge Smith, Rhonda Meyer, Bar 7 R Red Angus, Martinsen Appraisel, Two Rivers Irrigation, Redding Saddle & Tack, Snider Memorial Funeral Home, Aragon Farms, the Elgin Review, Curt Qualset and Smith Farms.