PJCC, EHS Students Earn Superior Marks At Music Contest

Elgin High School and Pope John CC music students displayed their talents at the District Music Contest held recently in Norfolk.

Pope John music students were among those competing at the District Music Contest held in Norfolk Friday, April 22. Awarded Superior (1) ratings were:
• Men’s Quartet
• Logan Henn: Vocal Solo
• Scott Moser: Vocal Solo
• Jordan Mescher: Vocal Solo
• Erin Beckman: Vocal Solo
• Karissa Dicke: Vocal Solo
Receiving Excellent (2) ratings were:
• Mixed Choir
• Women’s Choir
• Sydney Kerkman: Flute Solo
• Brody Hupp: Vocal Solo
• Wenting Yu: Vocal Solo
• Taralyn Baum: Vocal Solo
• Nicole Beckman: Vocal Solo
• Madison Dilly: Vocal Solo
Music director at PJCC is Rachel Becker.

Elgin High School students competed Friday at the District Music Contest held in Norfolk.
Receiving Superior (1) ratings were:
• Solo – Leslie Linares
Receiving Excellent (2) ratings were:
• Elgin Public Choir
• Elgin High Band
• Duet – Ingvild Bekkeseth and Leslie Linares
• Duet – Baylee Wemhoff and Allyson Wemhoff
• Duet – Kaitlyn Polk and Dylan Widger
• Solo – Ingvild Bekkeseth
• Solo – Kaylee Martinsen
• Solo – Kaitlyn Polk
• Solo – Allyson Wemhoff
• Solo – Baylee Wemhoff
At Monday night’s spring concert, music instructor Eric Heithoff explained the rankings (numbers) used by the NSAA.
Division (1) — Shall represent an outstanding performance.
Division (2) — Shall represent an excellent performance that is outstanding in some respects.
He said he was very pleased with the students’ performances at the music contest.