CRP Ground in Antelope County Approved for CRP Haying, Grazing

Antelope County and 16 other additional counties have been released for CRP emergency haying and grazing. Those counties released last week include: Antelope, Kearney, Platte, Dixon, Knox, Polk, Franklin, Madison, Thayer, Hall, Nuckolls, Wayne, Hamilton, Phelps, Webster, Jefferson and Pierce.
The Drought Monitor was updated last week and designated these additional counties as being in a “D2 – Severe Drought” status. Secretary Vilsack recently authorized FSA State Committees to release counties for CRP emergency haying and grazing once they reached the D2 level. In addition, the associated payment reduction was decreased from 25% to 10% to further assist producers impacted by the drought conditions. CRP participants need to file a request to hay or graze at their local FSA office. CRP use includes specific rules for haying and/or a grazing plan to insure consistent uses of the land.
An additional approval was granted this year for practice CP-25, Rare and Declining Habitat, to allow grazing for the first time.
Steinkruger added, “This approval will provide additional forage to livestock producers in the affected counties as the drought continues to intensify.”
A current Nebraska map listing approved counties is on the Nebraska FSA website at <> . The map will be updated as new counties qualify.